Sunday, April 17, 2011

Don't Listen to Your Web Designer - They Have No Clue!

A big mistake that small business owners make is thinking that just because they have a website their sales will increase...but the only way that a website will increase sales is if it is designed specifically for attracting your ideal customer and turning them into buyers.

Most web designers do not know how to build a website that is optimized to attract your target audience online, nor do they know what elements should be included on your website to increase the likelihood of your visitors turning into customers. They are designers, not internet marketers, so the key to having the right web design is to find a designer that knows a thing or two about marketing online. They need to know about SEO (search engine optimization) and conversion rate optimization. If you have had a website for at least three months and it has not helped to increase sales, then something is wrong!

Unlike a brick and mortar business, people do not happen to stumble upon or drive by your website. When a consumer searches for something in the search engines like Google, the list of results are from sites that were designed in a way where the search engines want to index the website and add it to their listing. If your website was not designed for the search engines, then they will not list your website for search terms that are related to your industry.

Before you have a website designed for your business, it’s important that you do online market research to see what words people are using to search for products and services that your business offers. In other words, what are people typing into the search box when they “google it”? Once you have this information, you design your website based on those keyword phrases.

Watch the video below for more on this topic:

For more details on how to optimize your website properly, download these free website creation blueprints that was created specifically for small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to create sale increasing websites.

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